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Our real estate consulting services can help you turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth. From business owners and investors to lenders and corporate groups, we offer you the experience, know-how, and the strategic planning that helps lead to better decisions. Our range of services includes: Due diligence, market studies, portfolio services, lease advisory, and more.



To help our clients achieve successful outcomes and enhance the value of their business, we leverage emerging technology and analytics to produce deeper, transformative insights in areas such as valuation, due diligence, and portfolio optimization. Our Real Estate Consulting practice helps companies turn critical and complex real estate issues into opportunities for growth, resilience, and long-term advantage.


With a deep understanding of the interplay between asset valuation, capital markets, and today’s changing real estate marketplace issues, we offer clients innovative ideas about how to enhance their results and get ahead of key issues. Our highly specialized team provides a full spectrum of real estate valuation services, including:
• Evaluating large and diverse portfolios
• Performing single-property analyses
• Identifying and performing valuations of tangible and intangible real estate-related assets such as in-place leases, above and below market leases, and tenant relationships.


Our clients trust us—and our in-depth experience—to provide them with deep, forward-looking insights that can help them strategically plan and make decisions with confidence.




Our media consultants have completed many projects with leading companies spanning all subsectors of the media and entertainment industry, including diversified media, film, broadcast television, pay TV, radio,publishing, mobile, Internet media, recorded music, Internet service and advertising.




















We work alongside our clients, from long-standing media leaders to newer entrants to:
• Help transform their businesses
• Identify new sources of growth in the digital world
• Harness the power of big data and advanced analytics
• Optimize their organization to succeed in a digital landscape
• Launch new channels
• Find new ways to cut costs and increase efficiency
• Achieve deeper customer engagement





We care about our clients and we care about results. We provide ethical and proactive consulting services. We offer clear, objective, timely and sensible business advice. We broker high quality commodity products to satisfy market demands.


We are committed to the highest ethical consulting standards and respond to our clients’ commodities needs with prudence. We promote and protect our clients’ interest.images


We know international trade. Expect no less. When our clients’ international problems and needs require thinking outside the box processes, then we are not bound by conventional wisdom and noble arguments. We redefine boundaries and generate profitable results and viable solutions.


Our clients’ routine business matters are handled with precision and care and when a problem calls for a creative strategic approach Fortune Solution experts rise to the occasion and we surely affect the outcome to our client’s favor.


When budget is in issue, count on us for financial arrangements that defy the conventional payment terms.