International trade

Coffee-Cup-BeansSan Francisco, a dynamic city that has  the most creativity and cultural diversity, which also plays a leading role in cafe industry. Sitting in a cafe in San Francisco, you may have the beset coffee in the world. Although bay area  never grow coffee beans, but coffee variety and innovation in San Francisco, far more than the European countries, international trade convenience clearly let the cusp of independence from San Francisco coffee trend. Today’s international trade, not only stay on the commercial level, it is more fun to communicate with a multicultural experience, and constantly bring customers new ideas and exotic.

Our trading business based both in the United States and Japan, the radiation of the Pacific island countries, spanning the Americas the United States and other neighboring countries, health security and intelligent technology products is one of our major concerns, Japan’s smart technology products, intimate design, so you better quality of life. Food safety, health and comfort of maternal and infant products, and large-scale machinery, ships, etc. are also our business services, and allow customers to experience ease, feel at ease and comfortable, value for money.

Product Range

Food & Beverage

Maternal and infant supplies


Health care products

Intelligent high-tech products


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If your product wishing to enter the overseas market, the US, Canada, Japan and other neighboring Pacific island countries, it is important to understand the local culture and regulations, build your network of contacts and reputation in the local area as well, of course, you also need to cross language and cultural barriers, these are enough to become stumbling block many businesses, the cost is not cheap! We can be help of taking care of your overseas market for you, so you just focus your product development and quality improvement for a long term, we help your product go further globally.